Copped and cropped from Eimei
Eimei Nijuhasshuku
Ten[n]ichibo hosaku
Ten'ichibo's Scheme

See Eimei nijuhasshuku for background on this series.

This semi-legendary story concerns one of the most famous frauds in Japanese history. A young man known as Ten'ichibo heard from an elderly woman in Kii (Wakayama prefecture) how she came into possession of a document and sword. He realized if he could prove ownership of the items, it would establish him as an heir to the Tokugawa dynasty under Shogun Yoshimune. Here, he is shown killing an old woman to steal a document and sword which would@prove that he was a Tokugawa heir. He was executed for his various crimes in 1727.

Print information

Size oban
Printed 1866
Drawn by Ikkeisai Yoshiiku
Written by [Yashima] Gakutei Sadaoka (c1786-1868)
Carved by [not yet identified]
Published by Kinseido

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